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Looking for property management solutions?

Through a centralized management system, Ori Residential is a technology-driven operator of multifamily properties striving to build the most tenant-centric communities for all. By partnering with Ori, property owners and investors would expect higher cash flow and better customer experiences.
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What We Do

A range of opportunities to suit every client

Property Management

We offer comprehensive property management services to multifamily property owners. Our centralized lead and tenant management system ensures the best cost-efficient operations for property owners.

Development Management

We work with Onelin Capital, a global multi-billion-dollar developer, to execute development services. From student housing to high-rises, we keep the highest standards and deliver our work with integrity.

Marketing Consultation

We offer one-stop marketing and design consulting services for multifamily properties. We utilize our in-house global design and marketing teams to deliver the best quality works at unbeatable costs.

Apartment Supplies

On behalf of our clients, we design, source, negotiate and deliver customizable and well-designed resident gifts or furniture from quality suppliers all around the world at a wonderful price.

Highlights to work with us

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who focus obsessively on tenant experience,
and constantly make improvements to keep high satisfaction while ensuring the cost stays low.

We commit to a 100% tenant centricity management

Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority. With great enthusiasm, we strive to offer the best property management services to both renters and owners.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the owner

We make sure that we align on behalf of owners and endeavor to serve with the highest business standard and ethics and achieve the best interest of our clients.

We embrace changes and adopt the latest technologies

Entrepreneurs never settle. We work vigorously to keep our highest standards and adopt new technologies to save costs and satisfy new consumer needs.





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Case Study

Ori on the Ave

Partner: Acme Realty
Year built: 2017
Property Type: Mixed-Use
Size: 32,743 sqft with 66 units and 2 retails
Address: 5260 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105

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What is Ori Residential’s background?

Ori Residential is a property management startup spun off from Onelin Capital Corporation, a multi-billion dollar global real estate developer. Coming from an owner’s background, we understand the importance of the net cash flow generated from the properties. That’s why the founders of Ori Residential work obsessively on building and renovating rental products that would generate the most rental income, in the meantime, adopting new technologies and management processes to save operating expenses.

What property types does Ori Residential manage?

Ori Residential manages conventional multi-families, student housings, and co-living properties.

What is Ori Residential’s typical deal size?

We believe our centralized operation team would significantly lower our marginal operating costs. If the properties are close to properties that we are currently managing, the deal size may be as small as 3+ units. Otherwise, our typical deal size is 50+ units.

If you have any questions about Ori Residential, please don't hesitate to contact us.